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Get in touch: '''me@sanqui.net''' or IRC
Get in touch: '''me@sanqui.net''' or IRC (full name: (Sanqui!~SanquiG@ghorland.net))
Homepage: [https://sanqui.net sanqui.net]
Homepage: [https://sanqui.net sanqui.net]

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Get in touch: me@sanqui.net or IRC (full name: (Sanqui!~SanquiG@ghorland.net))

Homepage: sanqui.net

Some works

     Czech websites     
Webhosting WebzdarmaInternet CentrumEStránky.czwebnode.czSweb.czblog.cz
Social media Spolužáci.czLidé
Message boards okoun.cznyx.cz

Perpetually feeding interesting small to medium sized websites to ArchiveBot. Mainly related to old technology, video games, ROM hacking, internet and furry culture.

My ArchiveBot commands


Mini list of freehosts and blog hosts

Possible future projects

  • ArchiveBot helper, something to watch the logs and suggest ignores
  • Semantic Mediawiki for archiveteam.org
  • Cooperation with TCRF and Hidden Palace
  • tilde servers (tad bit too late)
  • Invisionfree, Zetaboards, and other free forum hosts, possibly including registrations to scrape more data
  • MU*: archive what's left of MUD/MUSH/MUCK/MOO servers using a semi-automated process; record people's memories
  • Minecraft: automatically visit and archive Minecraft servers (classic and modern)
  • A search service indexing only freehosts

Alt search engines

Common/useful czech words

cislo (číslo) = number
hlas, hlasovat, hlasování = vote
jmeno (jméno) = name
nahled (náhled) = preview, thumbnail
obr, obrazek (obrázek) = picture
posli (pošli), poslat = send
sprava (správa) = administration
stahuj, stáhnout, stahovat = download
tisk = print
ukaz (ukaž) = show
zprava (zpráva) = message