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Project lead User:Sanqui is a submission-driven website hosting ROM hacks, translations, tools, and documentation, all likely poorly replicated elsewhere. A message board is also present. was put in ArchiveBot on 2017-03-20, and finished 2017-03-25. Job ID 2grryqx5fiqz2b6yuz48nyz9o. was put in ArchiveBot on 2017-03-20, and finished. Job ID dp9c1o18rsowwxraacdw6kxz7.

It is still necessary to grab downloads on a modified ArchiveBot instance with a referrer set and captcha passed. List of download URLs.

Data Crystal

Data Crystal ([1]) is a wiki hosted by covering ROM hacking information, mainly formats of data structures and their locations in ROMs.


The site went down on 2017-03-15. (Host still up, nothing on port 80).

Nightcrawler, the owner of the website, has left the following message, relayed by The Cutting Room Floor:

There's not much I can say right now. An unfortunate chain of events occurred requiring a new full server built from scratch. There are some major real life events going on precluding me from making RHDN my top priority right now.

Sadly, I also have a DSL account with third world upload speeds, and this will impede all restoration efforts made. Things are very chaotic and I don't where we stand yet for restoration timelines. I will let you know when I know more.

We haven't shut down and will be back.

I aw one of our typical jokers is already keeping everybody informed. Do we know who is behind that?


The fake Twitter account proclaimed the site was closed due to a threat from Nintendo.

A few days later the website is back online. Downloading a file now requires copying a password into a form, restraining archival attempts.


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   Disallow: /download/

Good shit.