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quo·rum (/ˈkwôrəm/) noun - the minimum number of members of an assembly or society that must be present at any of its meetings to make the proceedings of that meeting valid.

This page is an attempt to whiteboard the idea of creating a quorum mechanism in the Archive Team - the ability to call together a group of members, have multiple members discuss an issue, and then make a decision on that issue. Currently, a lot on Archive Team "just happens" and it generally works (although we're also a butthurt machine, occasionally). For issues that might be globally affecting the operation, or really matter in a permanent way with the team, it would benefit to have a variety of members be able to weigh in before things move in a direction.

Off the top of one's head, these quorums should be:

  • A major pain in the ass (30 days plus), so it's not just used for where everyone meets for pizza or what we call a project
  • Set up for not being some majority vote of god-knows-who weighing in and deciding things
  • Helpful, not a way to turn a decision into a hurricane of turmoil
  • A way to show to anyone who asks later, "Why is it this way" - we have a record of discussion and why the choices came down.