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Lycos Europe have "decided to discontinue all unprofitable activities". This means a substantial chunk of their user-content sphere, including:

  • holdings (apart from the original Danish portal, which seems to have been bought. [2]) specifically:

Lycos Europe had portals in seven different countries, "" is used above for convenience, but user content has been retired across all of the following: UK (, France (.fr), Germany (.de), Netherlands (.nl), Spain (.es), Italy (.it), and Denmark (.dk).

Backup Tools

  • Email: Lycos are providing a software tool that communicates with their mail servers and downloads your stuff. Requires Outlook. [3]
  • Hosted sites and user content - wget, if you can figure out where to point it.

Vital Signs

Still not quite dead...


Tom Morris has completed Lycos iQ UK. Once the site has gone down for good, I'll prepare the archives for public release.

Tripod hosting

Teaspoon has all the non-dynamic hosted sites in the directories of Lycos UK, ES, IT, NL, and DK. DE has gone offline, FR still exists.