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Google probably isn't Evil per se, but they do want you to put all of your data on their servers. Trusting any one company that much is probably a bad idea. If your entire life is on Google, what happens to Google happens to you.

Backup Tools



  • Gmail Backup
  • Gmail provides IMAP access, so you can use OfflineIMAP to backup and sync your complete archive in standard UNIX maildir format, usable by Mutt, Thunderbird and most sane e-mail clients. See this blog post for more details.
  • POP access is a very simple way to continuously download all your emails in Gmail to your favorite email client. This method doesn't preserve the label/folder structure, though - but does include your emails that are sent from Gmail.
  • You may also want to consider setting up forwarding of all your emails in Gmail to a Yahoo account or some other email provider (that has enough quota to work as your archive).

Google Docs

  • gdatacopier "Bi-directional copy utility & API for Google docs"

Google Calendar

Google Reader

Google Notebook

  • Has been announced to be discontinued. GNotebook (luckily) has an export-to-XML function (a link at the bottom of the screen) that at least Diigo and Evernote are able to import (without coding skills).

Google Gears

  • Is not a backup tool per se but at least for Google Docs and Gmail GGears downloads all documents/attachments to your computer as readable documents (which can be found in your user profile/Google folder(s)).


Does a tool suite exist that backs up all of the Google Apps cloud?

Vital Signs

Pump up the NASDAQ.