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GeoCities Japan
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Project status Closing
Archiving status In progress...
Project source Unknown
Project tracker Unknown
IRC channel #notagain (on EFnet)
Project lead Unknown

GeoCities Japan is the Japanese version of GeoCities. It survived the 2009 shutdown of the global platform.


On 2018-10-01, Yahoo! Japan announced that they would be closing GeoCities at the end of March 2019. (New accounts can still be created until 2019-01-10.)

Crawl Summaries

(Please add your crawls here)

Discovery Info

  • DNS CNAMEs for geocities (JSON format): [1] (dead link), [2]
  • Records compiled from IA’s CDX data, available here (alternative link: [3])
    • geocities_jp_first.txt: First level subdirectory list under, compiled from IA CDX data. 566,690 records in total.
    • geocities_co_jp_first.txt: Same as above, for 12,470 records in total.
      • NOTE: The majority of sites under are not first-level sites, but "neighborhood" sites which are second-level (there could be, in theory, 1.79M of them; how many actually exist unknown), see explanation below.
    • blogs_yahoo_co_jp_first.txt: Same as above, for 646,901 records in total.
    • geocities_co_jp_fields.txt: List of neighborhood names under
      • Individual websites are listed in the following format:[NeighborhoodName]/[AAAA] where AAAA ranges from 1000 to 9999.
    • include-surts.txt: List of subdomains that should be allowed by your crawler.
  • grab from E-Shuushuu Wiki, crawled as job:cu6azkjwy45qmo1wwdxsdfusj: Pastebin[IAWcite.todayMemWeb]
  • grab from Danbooru, crawled as job:5x0pf7wloqgeqc2r9rddino2l: Gist[IAWcite.todayMemWeb]
  • and missed URLs grabbed from the above targets, crawled as job:31ges4c4c96k140sp6zah5vcc: [4] (dead link), [5]
  • and crawl from Miss Surfersparadise, crawled as job:e8ynrp5a7p4vwjkyxw9eph9p0: [6] (dead link), [7]

Crawler Traps

  • A common calendar CGI script, usually named “i-calendar.cgi”, seems to be able to trap Heritrix with timestamped infinite loops despite having TooManyHopsDecideRule on. (Example)


  • Hidden-entry sites (Importance: Low): There are a few sites that do not use index.htm/index.html as their entry points; as a result, first level directory access will fail to reach them.
    • However, as long as there are other geocities sites linked to them, they should be discoverable by the crawler.
    • So the only problem are those pages whose inlinks are all dead. There should be very few of those. If we want to be absolutely sure, we can run a diff between IA's current CDX and that from the crawl.
    • Notice that this is not a problem with the neighborhood sites as we can enumerate the URLs.
  • Deduplication (Importance: Low): If we are going to release a torrent as we did with Geocities, they it may be worth to dedup. Most likely won't be a major difference.
  • Final Snapshot (Importance: Moderate): The page contents may still change between now and March 31 2019, so we need to do another crawl when the time is near.
    • Note that a lot of users will be setting up 301/302s before the server shuts down. According to Yahoo, we'll have until Sep 30 2019 to log down those 301/302s.