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Warrior based projects

  • Zoocasa: Getting shut down by Rogers on June 22, 2015. IRC Channel #zoohouse (on EFnet).
  • Xfire: Social profiles to be burnt up, any day now. IRC Channel #xfired (on EFnet).
  • SourceForge: Old, ad supported, adware supported. IRC Channel #coldstorage (on EFnet).
  • URLTeam: URL shorteners were a fucking awful idea. IRC Channel #urlteam (on EFnet).
  • Halo: Downloading all the read-only data from Halo. IRC Channel #yolohalo (on EFnet). (Rate-limited, generally has enough volunteers.)
  • Trovebox: Closing March 31, 2015. IRC Channel #treasuretrove (on EFnet).
  • Blogger: Google was to restrict public access to adult blogs, but they backed down. We're backing up Blogger anyway. IRC Channel #frogger (on EFnet). (Content grab coming soon.)

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What's on: online tracker.
Combined project activity graphs here.

Manual projects

Upcoming projects

  • Toshiba Support: Toshiba is purging old support downloads. IRC Channel # (on EFnet).
  • Instacast: Instacast's parent company Vemedio has run out of money. IRC Channel #latercast (on EFnet).
  • RadioShack: RadioShack is going bankrupt. IRC Channel #unshackled (on EFnet).
  • Google Moderator: "July 31, 2015 is Moderator’s last day." (Goes read-only on June 30.) IRC Channel #moderhater (on EFnet).
  • Club Nintendo: Ran out of lives. Game over for North America on July 30, 2015, September 30, 2015 for Europe and Japan. IRC Channel #clubnintendont (on EFnet).
  • Google Code: Google likes Github more. Shutting down on January 26, 2016. IRC Channel #googlecodeblue (on EFnet).
  • Panoramio: Google is migrating photos only (no metadata!) to Maps. IRC Channel #paranormio (on EFnet).
  • Orkut: Orkut got kut on September 30, 2014. It lives on as a public archive. IRC Channel #throatkut (on EFnet).
  • Picasa Web Albums: Main page redirecting to Google Plus, future uncertain. IRC Channel #picasso (on EFnet).
  • Blipfoto: Went into liquidation on March 11, 2015, future uncertain. Acquired on March 25, 2015, we're still grabbing it anyway. IRC Channel #fotofinish (on EFnet).
  • Comcast Personal Web Pages: Time Warner Cable closed their web hosting before it could be archived, let's make sure that doesn't happen with Comcast as well. IRC Channel #comclose (on EFnet).
  • The Pirate Bay: Recently came back up, grabbing an archive for sanity's sake. IRC Channel #yarharfiddlededee (on EFnet).
  • Ownlog: Ownlog is losing popularity and support from its owners. IRC Channel #pwnlog (on EFnet).

Recently finished

  • Sweden-based file sharing service ran out of money. IRC Channel #pomfret (on EFnet).
  • Google Baraza: Read-only, getting deleted on April 30, 2015. IRC Channel #bonanza (on EFnet).
  • Switching codebases in the first two weeks of April, some user-generated content might be lost. IRC Channel (on EFnet).

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