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Archive Team recruiting

Warrior-based projects

Current Running Warrior Project: URLTeam 2

Scripts only

Manual projects

Active Projects Not Yet Ingesting

  • Sketch: Sony doesn't seem to like their user's sketches. Shutting down 2019-09-30. IRC Channel #SketchedOut.
  • Instaudio has started the process of shutting down, and is no longer accepting new uploads. IRC Channel,
  • Reddit: Banning communities that generate bad PR for Reddit Inc. IRC Channel #shreddit.

Proposed projects

Recently finished projects

  • Make Magazine: "EVERYTHING RELATED TO MAKE MAGAZINE. GET IT ALL. START IMMEDIATELY." (SketchCow, 2019-06-04) IRC Channel #archivebot.
  • Facepunch Forums: Contained ~33 million posts and shut down on 2019-06-12. IRC Channel #faceplant.
  • YTMND: Shut down on 2019-05-12. Content and database were donated to Archive Team. IRC Channel TBD.
  • Google+: Google finally realised they failed. Shut down on 2019-04-02. Archive Team's largest grab to date with just short of 1.4 PiB (1424 TiB) saved. IRC Channel #googleminus.
  • Google Plus Comments on Blogspot: More content deleted during the Google+ shutdown. Comments removed from blogs starting 2019-02-04 but accessible for archiving until 2019-03-07. Approximately 30 million blogs scanned, and the comments of 181,565 blogs that contained Google+ comments were saved.

Hiatus / Missed the Mark

ArchiveTeam uses the EFnet IRC network – irc:// – webchat: info