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AccuWeather is a commercial weather forecast company from the US.

AccuWeather Forums

AccuWeather Forums
AccuWeather logo
AccuWeather forums screenshot 20180813.png
Project status Closing
Archiving status Upcoming...
Project source Unknown
Project tracker Unknown
IRC channel #accio-weather
Project lead User:JustAnotherArchivist

The AccuWeather Forums have been around since the early 2000s and will likely disappear before the end of 2018. No proper announcement has been made, but the admin "WeatherMatrix" posted the following in a thread about the closure on 2018-07-16[1]:

Hi All,

Due to the aging software & hardware the AccuWeather Forums is running on, and declining use, we will likely be shutting them down later this year. I apologize for not announcing that sooner.

Volunteer moderators were removed because of GDPR issues that this old software could not route around.

However before anyone gets any ideas, they can still REPORT abuse to me for action :)