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Library Genesis
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Project status Online!
Archiving status Partially saved, see below
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IRC channel #archiveteam

Library Genesis is a Russian project to create a free online library of ebooks. They currently have about 4 million of them. The project is in blatant violation of copyright, and their domain name is blocked in some countries.


Libgen consists of 3 collections:

  • Libgen (sci-tech)
    • academic monographs, reference books, encyclopedias, conference proceedings, collected works, textbooks, or popular-level expositions on mathematics, science, engineering, medicine, linguistics, economics, history, philosophy, social sciences, and other academic disciplines
    • books on contemporary topics that discuss controversial issues of contemporary society, politics, economics, history, etc.
    • "Teach yourself woodworking" and other self-teaching books
    • books about art or music, history or analysis of art [1]
    • Size: around 22TB
    • Count: 2123003 [2]
    • Last torrent: r_2105000.torrent (up to 2105999) [3]
  • Foreign fiction
    • Non-Russian fiction.
    • Size: around 2TB
    • Count: 1892821 [4]
    • Last torrent: f_1890000.torrent (up to 1890999) [5]
  • Scimag
    • Scientific papers.
    • Size: around 53TB [6]
    • Count: 66673389 [7]
    • Last torrent: sm_65900000-65999999.torrent [8]

Database dumps

Database dumps can be downloaded from:

The repository (the actual .pdf/.epub/.djvu files) can be downloaded from:


Sci-Hub uses Library Genesis as back-end storage. The repository torrents can be downloaded from:
The database is available together with the others under /dbdumps/.


There are various inofficial mirrors of libgen, such as [9], BookFI [10], and B-OK [11].

Archival Status

Internet Archive has darked (hidden/unindexed) collections.

  • scimag: up to 64000000-64099999
  • foreignfiction: up to 1600000
  • libgen: up to 2092000