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Chat system for open-source communities
Chat system for open-source communities
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IRC channel #archiveteam (on EFnet)
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Gitter is a chat system mostly used by GitHub users.

In March 2017 it's been acquired by Gitlab[1].

In September 2020, Gitter was acquired by Element, the company responsible for Matrix. [2]. The Gitter ecoystem being migrated to the Matrix network.


Gitter contains chat archives for many popular open-source projects at{org}/{channel}/archives, for example: These are static HTML pages by date (for example,

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Sorry for interrupting your lovely inbox - we try to keep mail to a minimum, but had something super important to share and will keep it short, and sweet.

Gitter has been acquired by GitLab!

Gitter will continue to operate as a stand-alone network and will continue to work with GitHub and Twitter logins. To find out more about the announcement, please visit our blog.

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